Any feedback on this Sony 32inch LCD?

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well its going to be about $850 bucks starting on October 8th so I was planning to pick it up around then. Anyone have any recommendations or other things I could consider.

from googling and stuff I can tell it seems to be a decent set. I am not expecting to be blown away since its only 850 bucks and 720p but still curious what others think.

The family room is pretty small so basically the biggest we can go is 32 inches. (which means my only choice is LCD really) Based on what I saw the sharp and the sony had the best picture but the sharp on display had some dead pixels so thats why Im sticking with Sony.

But any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)


also quick question: do HDMI cables usually come with the TVs or do I have to buy that seperate. IIm guessing they give you at least one right?

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