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Nintendo DS Lite Action Replay Pokemon Shiny Code

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DrewJW    9

I am looking for

Pokemon Pearl Action replay Code .....

For turning regular pokemon in your party and Pokemon Boxes Shiny Permently.

I have tried the short code 12068AC6 000046C0 and Although it does make all pokemon in your party in boxes and in wild shiny, once you have saved and turned the game off and booted the game without the Action replay device the pokemon that was shiny before you turned off are now regular. I want one that makes the change permement (like the encounter shiny pokemon code that works along side the random encounter modify code (where you pick which pokemon to encounter by tossing X number of 493 Masterballs depending on the pokemon you want to capture.)

Although I can use this to get the shiny pokemon I would rather have my egg pokemon shiny (so then they can be traded.)

If a code cannot be made for current owned pokemon could someone find or create a code for making Eggs contain shiny pokemon.


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bfoos    1

Not my code...

Pok?mons Are Shiny !!! *

Press R+A to enable, L+A to disable

02064EC8 47104A00

02064ECC 02000031

94000130 FCFE0200

02066DB8 47084900

02066DBC 02000001

02066B88 47084900

02066B8C 02000051

12066B7C 000046C0

D2000000 00000000

94000130 FCFE0100

02066DB8 95019000

02066DBC 90022000

02066B88 43200400

02066B8C 1C28900D

12066B7C 0000D107

D2000000 00000000

62000000 95019000

E2000000 00000080

95019000 90022000

1C28B40D F0684907

1C01FD4D 2901BC0D

4902D101 49024708

00004708 02066DC1

02066D9F 00000000

95019000 69384A04

98046010 4B019A09

00004718 02064ED1

0200002C 00000000

43200400 4907B401

F0686809 1C01FD27

2901BC01 4904D001

900D4708 49031C28

00004708 0200002C

02066B7F 02066B91

D2000000 00000000

* : This code works like the 'Wild Pok?mons are Shiny!!!' one (ie. need to check your trainer card before using), but it also makes any Pok?mons hatching from eggs shiny. The shinyness for eggs is calculated at 2 points : when receiving the egg from the old man (and maybe from other npcs?), and when the egg is hatching. So, if you receive the egg from the old man, and see the egg's Pok?mon stats are good for you (using my "Press L to 'see the contents' of the Eggs" code), disable the shiny code before the egg's hatches (else its stats will be changed - and turn back the code on after hatching). On the other side, if the stats are not good, keep the code on. That also means that an egg that was given to you can/will be shiny upon hatching. Also note this code works with the starter Pok?mons !

Credits to kenobi of kodewerx.net.

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DrewJW    9

Thankyou, will get her to try it later since it is my GF's DS and issue :D

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