[HowTo] Setting up Knoppix on USB key

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Just for those who want to be able to take a Knoppix (and presumably other distro) LiveCD and get it booting off a USB stick, I have just tested the following procedure and it worked great:


Only differences I had were:

  • I had to su to root at the "syslinux" or "mount" steps. Forget which one, exactly, but if you do this and it doesn't work, su to root.
  • The mount step didn't quite work for me, possibly due to a powerloss (was running laptop off of batteries). Instead of trying to mount it to /media/sdb4 (where it was located on my system), I just did a mkdir /media/sdbb to create a temporary mount point and re-did the command to my newly created point.
  • The umount command would not let me unmount the USB stick, even after the cd and sync. I just issued a reboot command. That worked. :p

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Ill test it as soon as i get my USB key back...

Thx for the link MJ.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hrm, this looks pretty nifty. Need to get a decent sized USB stick though. (still using a 128MB one) Thanks for the heads up!

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