Where does your fat go when you lose weight?

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Omar Hussain

its all about the adipose tissue my friends...the adipose... :)

well, it all works with the metabolism of the body, there is a homeostatic element towards it as well. the body has a Basal Metabolic Rate, which is homeostatically controlled around a humans set point. any deviation, and the body attempts to regulate the body's weight. for example, it increases the output of the thyroid gland, which as a direct result, increases the bodys Metabolic Rate (MR) this is the amount of energy which your body is consuming within a set timeframe. this is also partly the reason as to why people feel more active when they have undergone a period of exercising/training.

the fat itself is simply an energy store used by the body. it is the primary source of energy after immediate sources like ATP and glucose have been used up. so its really easy to lose fat, just as it is really easy to gain it. eating the right things means ure body will get used to metabolising (breaking down the fat) and the actual removal of this fat is simply via the lymphatics, the respiratory and the digestive systems. the lymph removes residual fat and molecules drifting within intracellular tissue, and the rest of it via carbon dioxide, and also via the digestive system as faeces and urine, hence why urine is acidic!

yes, im just sitting my exams for uni, and being in the medical field, im fairly hopeful the above is accurate, otherwise ive just majorly flopped! =)

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No one got the correct answer until just now (the post above is OK too, I mean, but too long).

The mass in your fat is turned to both water and carbon dioxide. Less is transferred to water, more to CO2. So, most of the mass of fat (and carbs), you breathe out.

Think about that - when you take in a certain number of calories, you've got to breathe them out to get rid of them.

It goes like this:

(Input calories (protien, carbs, fats)) -> (fatty acids, sugars, amino acids) -> ("energetic chemicals") -> (CO2)

summary chart: http://www.ideacenter.org/stuff/contentmgr...tabolism_sm.jpg

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Fat is just there incase u are lost in a forest (or somethin) with nothing to eat, it will use the fat for energy until it runs dry and then you die

So basically you have lost weight because your body has been requiring more energy than you are putting in

fat -> energy -> movement

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Sweat. I guess'

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