[NHL] Tlusty says sorry for nude pictures on Internet

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Tlusty says sorry for nude pictures on Internet

Nov 14, 2007 04:30 AM

Kevin McGran


If naked pictures on the Internet are any indication, Jiri Tlusty is one wild and crazy guy from the Czech Republic.

And apparently, now regrets it.

Naked photos of the Leaf rookie ? apparently taken by himself into a mirror ? have appeared on various Internet sites.

Another photo, of him fully clothed and touching tongues with another man, was also posted. The photographs were apparently taken last year.

Tlusty did not speak to reporters after last night's game, but the Leafs issued a pair of statements.

"I used poor judgment in this instance last season, and I have learned a valuable lesson," said Tlusty's statement. "It will not happen again and I have no further comment."

In an interview with one website which posted the pictures, 19-year-old Tlusty denied he was gay and said the tongue picture was taken while celebrating a friend's birthday with several pals from his hometown of Slany, Czech Republic.

GM John Ferguson stood by his rookie.

"Photographs were posted recently on the Internet without Jiri's knowledge," said Ferguson's statement.

"He made a na?ve mistake as a teenager. It's a lesson in how something private can easily become very public in the Internet age. Hopefully it's a lesson that other people will learn from as well."

Since the start of the season, the Leafs have banned all cell phones from their locker room.

That ban was aimed at outsiders, like accredited media and family, friends and occasional fans who have access.

One of the websites which posted the pictures says lawyers have asked them to take them down.


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