"Stacks has nothing to do with stacks (until now?)

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Have a look, folks.

Download it, unzip, drag to your Dock, and then click on it. Select "create aliases" (for example) - which won't show those little arrows.

Then just drag random files onto it to create stacks. You can either have Autostacks actually move files, or create aliases. Keep in mind, each time you want to create a new stack, you'll need to click the Autostack icon first, in order to decide how it will behave next.

Seems to be an Applescript that plays with the Dock plist.


**** update ****

One little issue . . . say you've already created a stack, and you want to add to it. As far as i know, you can no longer tweak the already-created stack's behaviour. You'll just end up moving files to it, rather than creating aliases. So you'll need to decide beforehand what will make up the stack and how you want it to behave. Any files dropped onto it later will be physically placed in the stack, so no aliases unless you create a new stack.

The icon overlay: in case you decide to move more stuff onto the stack, it appears that you'll end up displacing the icon overlay. Just right-click the stack and select "sort by name." Seems to fix the problem.

It isn't a perfect solution, but it's better than nothing.

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Odd, I remember them working like that while watching a video about Leopard, anyway, cool app.

One thing that annoys me about Stacks, is that it has extra sort options that the Finder doesn't, why can I sort my download stack by "Date Added", but not the finder window?

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Another cool thing is that you can use the "icon overlay" icon with stacks you already have.

Just copy the "icon overlay" icon and paste it into these stack foiders, then sort by name. Presto! Instant differentiation. If you only see a regular folder as the first item, just kill the Dock and restart it, by opening the Terminal and typing (without quotes) "killall Dock" ---- remember the capital D in Dock.


As to your question, I have no idea. Same as with the dumbed-down functionality of the Dock in the Leopard RTM (as opposed to the betas) that can apparently be fixed with a (perhaps simple?) AppleScript after the fact. Of course, Joe Average who is using Leopard for the first time wouldn't know that you need to hack the Dock in some way to make it work like it's supposed to.

Sorry, Apple . . . folders dragged to the Dock are *not* stacks! They're just folders dragged to the dock. Same functionality as the hierarchical view when you drag a folder on to the Dock in Tiger, but perhaps now with the convenience of fewer clicks to get what you want, and some draggabiity thrown in. The pretty 3D effects are a bonus, obviously, but that doesn't make up for it.

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