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I have a Benq PE8700 DLP projector that's about 3 - 4 years old. The DVI port on has started to act weird.

It doesn't get detected by an PC that I've tried via DVI-I (Digital) but it works in DVI-A (Analog).

It only works if I use a VGA to DVI connector. If I use DVI straight through the projector cannot detect any signal nor can the PC detect any display connected to it.

The weird part is I can hook up a regular LCD to the PC (with a DVI-I connection), set up the projectors native resolution, unplug the LCD then plug the projector into the PC and the projector will work with the digital connection. The PC does not detect the projector though. ATI Catalyst Control Center shows the display being disconnected even though there is still an image being output.

Without the DVI connection it's nothing but a big expensive display with crappy analog inputs. (I know some people say there's no difference between VGA and DVI but it's like night and day on this projector.)

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