[Review] BenQ FP241W

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Key Features

# 24.0" Wide LCD with Senseye? Technology

# 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) Max Resolution

# 6 Different Video Source Types

# Pivot, Swivel and Tilt Features

# 6ms GTG Response Time

# Contrast: 1000:1

# Brightness: 500 cd/m2

# Dot pitch: 0.27

# Display colors: 16.7 million

# i key Auto Adjustment

I have been looking for a 1080p capable monitor for PC, Xbox 360 and HD-DVD use, I finally settled to BenQ's FP241W mainly because it had all the connectors I needed, 1:1 pixel mapping and all around good reviews.

I ordered FP241W from Newegg and received it earlier this week, package had a few dents but the monitor itself was flawless. No scratches or dead/stuck pixels whatsoever.

As soon as I got the monitor set up, it became obvious that the FP241W is one bright monitor. White really is white on this screen, I ended up reducing brightness to ~30 from the default 50 to save my eyes a little bit. I don't have any calibration tools so I had to calibrate the monitor by hand. Luckily calibrating FP241W to my liking was easy enough, lowering brightness to 30, setting contrast to 55 and few tweaks to the red and blue did the trick.

So far I haven't found a flaw in the panel, there isn't any light leakage around the edges, black is very nice and white will burn your eyes out if you are not careful.

I connected my computer to the monitor using DVI and Xbox 360 using HDMI. Word of warning here: Pre-September 2007 models don't have an option to turn overscanning off, this isn't an issue with computers or if you use the DVI connector but if you connect xbox 360/ps3/etc. using HDMI you end up with cut edges. Again luckily mine was manufactured in September so 1:1 pixel mapping works perfectly.

I quickly tested the component connectors with my dvd-player and they also seemed to work flawlessly, additionally the monitor offers PIP feature when using S-Video or Component inputs.. not useful for me but definitely pretty neat feature if you use S-Video/Component connectors.


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had mine over a year now. very good display

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