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FTP trouble with D-Link DSL-G624T



I'm not pro with this stuff soo.... I tried to get ftp working and it doesn't work at all.. like topic says I got DSL-G624T and after that the problems came, what should I configure?

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James from New Zealand

Perhaps you might need to tinker with configurations like port-forwarding etc.? Port 21 might have been accidentally blocked.

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Are you trying access a ftp server, host one?

Do you have another device, say what you believe is another modem? A VOIP device? If so -- how are they connected to your G624T? What are their model numbers?

If your trying to host a ftp server -- did you setup the port forwards? What about a software firewall?

What exactly is not working with ftp? From your post can not tell if your not able to access to outside public ftp server, or have users access yours. Quite often users trying to test their own ftp servers try and use the public IP from the inside of their routers which quite often to do support loopback forwarding, etc.

If you want help - your going to have to give us more to go on other than "I tried to get ftp working and it doesn't work at all"

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