Super Bowl XLII - Who will win?

Super Bowl XLII - Who will win?  

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Andrew Lyle

Wow, what a boring superbowl up till the last quarter. opening scoring by the Giants, with a quick return by the Pats... then absolutely nothing for 2 quarters (sadly i missed the half time show, had to eat).

I was going for Giants the entire time, but I just knew patriots would go undefeated. I didn't think the Giants had it in them, but I had to go for them, because i seriously hate the patriots. My hopes of the patriots being beat were shattered after that touchdown throw by brady to Moss, it gave me the sinking sad feeling, that the patriots were going to win, and "the lesser manning" didn't have it in him.

I don't know what angel touched Eli, but he came back and BOY was that an awesome play, breaking TWO sacks, and throwing for a 1st down! Incredible!! Then the touch down pass.. Oh man that was so worth seeing Brady and the rest of the patriots hang their heads in shame, and walk off that field!

All in all, boring until the 4th quarter, and i'm happy with the results.

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