TV? STB? Cables? Reception?


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Bout 14 months ago I bought a Phillips 42PF9531 plasma TV and a Phillips HD STB DTR7200. They are connected via HDMI.

Over the past 3 weeks I've noticed that the sound skips. I initially thought it was the reception but my other HDTV works fine.

While watching a DVD the sound is fine. I also have a PC hooked up to the TV and while I'm watching a movie via the PC the sound is fine.

Last night I unplugged my 2nd STB and plugged it into the Phillips but the sound was fine. I unplugged my Phillips STB and plugged that into my 2nd TV but the sound was fine.

I then plugged the Phillips plasma and Phillips STB back together again but this time I used the component cables. The sound didn't skip for about 2 hours. I then plugged in the HDMI cable, sound was fine for 2 hours but again the skipping came back.

I have no idea what is going on. Is it the TV?? STB?? Cables?? Reception??

Some ideas would be awesome.


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