D-Link DNS-323 Firmware 1.04 is out

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DNS-323 Firmware version 1.04 Release Notes.

- Upgrade Samba from 2.x to 3x for Vista and Unicode Support

- FTP client language support for Western European, North European, Central European, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Cyrillic codepages.

- Add auto-refresh function for the iTunes and UPnP AV Server.

- Add set "Oplocks", "Map archive" options in the Network Access page.

- Add clear print queues function to clear any pending queues.

- Add Daylight Savings Time option to Setup Wizard.

- Add GoAhead WebServer logo to the login Webpage.

- Combine User / Group setting into one section.

- Separate the FTP Server Settings intto FTP Server Settings and FTP Account Settings.

- Changed Max. length of username and password for email alerts to 31 characters.

- Changed Max. length of username and password for Scheduled Downloads to 15 characters.

- Fixed failure to mount an existing HDD when it is pre-formatted as NTFS/FAT32 and is being inserted into the device.

- Fixed clock drift issue.

- Fixed issues with mapping drives in Vista when using usernames and passwords :D


Been waiting for this one for a while.

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Good stuff. Nice one for the heads-up, am downloading this will get it installed later on.

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Nice Device, Thanks for the News, been having the "Vista Issue".

*Little Late* :p

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I'm having an issue with Windows 2003 server accessing the DNS-323, I've disabled signed encryption on client and set LM and NTLM as the authentication in secpol. Any ideas what else to try? It seems like its having the same issue that Vista was having in v1.03 when a user name and password are required to access volume_1.

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