Commercial Grade vs. Consumer Grade TV

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I'm looking into a nice television. I haven't decided on LCD or Plasma yet, but that's not the topic here. I have a nice surround sound setup right now and don't need my new television to have speakers. Actually, it doesn't really need to do anything except display great picture. My receiver does both audio and video, so all I will be sending to the TV is a single HDMI cable.

After searching for TVs without all of the extras (just display), I found out that what I'm looking for is a Class A Commercial Grade television instead of a Class B Consumer Grade television. I ran across these two pages in my search: 1 and 2.

I just started my search this afternoon, so I really don't know much about commercial vs. consumer grade televisions. I'm looking for some general advice or maybe even some experiences you've had.

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I was looking into a Plasma Commercial as well. LG seemed the best i found.

Didnt end up buying anything as i was too picky.

What if's peed me off.

What if i do need a TV Tuner if my HDSet Top box died. What if my Home Theatre system died, what i hear sound with. What if this, what if that.

I still am picky with the amounts of wattage the plasmas handle, but they good in price to buy nonetheless.

Up to you, too many what if's for me.

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