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Ron Artest to the Nuggets?


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Heard about this during the Cavs/Nuggets game on ESPN last night. What do you think it would do for the Nuggs? In one way, I think it could be a good thing -- the Nuggets don't have the best defense, and that's being kind. But what team hasn't Artest caused trouble for?

Eddie and LK are great hustle players. LK isn't the most consistent, however, but he really pulls through in times of need. I still have mixed feelings about this trade.

Iverson, Carmello, Camby, Martin... Artest? That, my friends, is a full All-Star team. But something doesn't seem right about this... almost like maybe the Nuggets are trying too hard. I don't know.

We'll see how it turns out. You never know.

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Artest does more harm than good on most teams. It's not just about skill, you need a good atmosphere in the locker room to become a championship team.

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...maybe they'll get Ricky Davis as well. :D

It's not just about skill, you need a good atmosphere in the locker room...
Well, 'melo and AI are already on the roster, so scrap that ever happening.

"...It's about practice..."

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The ultimate ego starting five:

PF Dennis "I'll kick you in the balls for sitting there" Rodman

SF Charles "I didn't get enough foam" Barkley

C Bill "a Thug" Laimbeer

SG Allen "...It's about practice..." Iverson

PG Isiah "lets pretend we're better than Jordan" Thomas

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