Change external speaker volume on HDTV

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I have a Vizio 37 inch HDTV hooked up to a sub with 2 speakers via the audio out on the back of the TV. However the volume control on the TV only changes the sound output of the internal speaker. Is their anything i can hook up that allows me to change the volume of the speakers via remote ? Im looking at something not too pricey and i dont really need all the features of a AV reciever

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The TV Sound output is supposed to go to a Amplifier.

That way you can control the sound.

Unfortunately the way you have it wont work to control the sound, unless you get a speaker/sub setup that has a remote control to control the sound.

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Yeah, most TV's have Fixed audio out meaning the volume outputted is a constant and can not be changed. You'll need a receiver/amp to do the work for you.

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