My 1998 - 1 Accumilator for Tonights Football

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I don't know what it was that made me do this, maybe it was when I checked my bank balance the balance was ?621.07 I placed a bet on tonights football. So I thought that with the ?21.07 I would put it on an Accumilator for some of tonights football.

?21.07 Bet will give a Potential return: ?42,102.83.

So these are the bets which I made in the accumilator:

AC Milan v Arsenal : Arsenal Win

Barcelona v Celtic : Barcalona Win

Sevilla v Fenerbahce : Sevilla Win

Man Utd v Lyon : Man Utd Win

Ipswich v Sheff Utd : Ipswich Win

Charlton v Bristol City : Bristol City Win

Wolves v Southampton : Wolves Win

Brighton v Gillingham : Brighton Win

Oldham v Hartlepool : Oldham Win

Brentford v Bury : Brentford Win

Darlington v Chester : Darlington Win

Plymouth v Colchester : Plymouth Win

Watford v Norwich : Watford Win

I doubt it will come in but you never know with these thi:ps :p So wish me l:)k :)

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That's definately possible, no stupid results there.

Good luck! (Y)

Thats what I thought, I left out games which I thought could go either way and would be too close to call. I also did some research and checked everyones last 5 games so I could look at their current form and I have gone with Teams on this (mainly the Championship, League 1 & 2 games).

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