Build my own MCE extender

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First of all I'm not even sure if what I want to do is possible, after trawling the web I've come up with zilch.

What I want to acheive is have a media center "server", that is a dedicated Windows Vista Home Premium PC that is connected to the network. I then want to connect several (at the minute only 2) "thin client" type machines to this "windows machine" to independantaly run Windows (Vista) Media center in seperate locations having independant sessions.

So I suppose I'm asking two questions really...

1) Is it possible?

2) What software/hardware would I need to acheive it?

Possibly a third, being...

3) Have any of you guys tried to acheive this?

There is a budget (in terms of the clients) I'm hoping to acheive it for ~?200 each, with the "server" (windows pc) hopefully not breaking the bank at ~?500. This leaves me with ?100 spare to invest in some ethernet over power line adapters to keep wiring (and wireless) to a minimum.

Thanks in advance...

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I take it from the lack of response that no body has had any experience with this.


I will continue to investigate and post my progress/failures.


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