Question for you gym junkies and fitness freaks

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Iv recently got access to a relatively close gym. But im rather skinny mostly to a metabolic disorder as a kid, its fine now but i honestly cannot gain weight through a normal persons eating habits. Iv tried spreading meals out by having 6 - 8 a day. I gained a little weight but was abit harsher on the wallet.

So i thought maybe i should try a bulking supplement. What do you recommend?

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I am also a hard gainer and this one phrase that i read over at really helped me...

"If you want to get big, you have to eat big."

In other words, you need to eat, a lot....

I recommend you go to, there are different ways to bulk up, either cleanly or with junk food, this article sums it all up:

I know your question was about supplements, but to tell you the truth it will be more expensive to get them and you can bulk up with regular food, make sure you get the food part down and then think about supps.

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