Possible Media Center design?

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Jordan Green

Well I have wanted to do this for a long time to create my bedroom area into a media center, so to speak.

I already have my iMac and 32" 1080i TV and XBOX 360, so I think technically speaking I have the hardware to do so apart from maybe speakers???

But this is the layout of my room:


Birds Eye


Looking at the wall opposite my bed

So if you had this space how would you suggest I make best available room of it?

I'm thinking take down the shelf and mount the TV above my iMac, but then will it be too high for viewing when on my bed? because of the angle to look up, will it become uncomfortable?

How would I go about connecting everything up like the iMac to the TV for FrontRow purposes and viewing slideshows and secondary monitor maybe? then connect up my 360 already done by HDMI, but how could I hide all the wires...?

I'm not looks to spending the world here that is the thing maybe bout ?150 on the wall mount cable management and speakers maybe more if I need them.

So any help would be greatly appreciated:))

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