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DVD -> H264 - audio question


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I was doing an experiment with a DVD of "Cradle 2 The Grave". I followed the instructions of a guide for DVD -> H264 conversion. Everything went okay, though I couldn't let it finish because it would have taken too long (12 and beyond hours for a 3-pass on my old P4 2.4ghz).

Anyway, when the "ac3 to wav" part finished, I was shocked. The audio for the film turned out a file size of about 3.1 GB.

Is this the audio in it's uncompressed form, and is such a file size normal for it?

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All that just for audio. Wow. Thanks for confirming this for me.

Is there a way to integrate that PCM audio into the H264 file?

Max quality video (3-pass unrestricted auto-cropped high-profile w/all settings maxed) + uncompressed audio = one sweet movie...and very big, I'm sure.

Hopefully the video wouldn't take long, under an OC'd Q9450.

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Sure, you can use pretty much any video editing program to mux the audio on. Although uncompressed in this case won't buy you anything more since you could just put on the original ac3 audio.

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