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sry, i don't really understand what you mean about true 24. Blu-ray standard is 24p=(23,976).

Many sets claim they accept 24p but really don't support it correctly and will still have the problems stated above. many of them take the 24p signal and convert it to 60p in return giving you the same 3:2 pulldown problems.

a 120hz Samsung television for example will only show 24p content correctly at 120hz if the Auto Motion Plus feature is disabled. Sony has the same problem with their Motion Enhancer feature also.

I was trying to point out that the only LCD sets that should have no problems straight out of the box that you are mentioning are the ones that don't use 3:2, but are a true 5:5 pulldown.

In terms of Plasmas the only ones that will truly support it are Pioneer and Panasonic, and not all of them do either. Only the 48hz (just being released now) and the 72hz sets.

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