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Mr magoo    1

Ok, heres the deal. i perform netstat every now and again to see whats happening- more out of curiosity than any thing else. however, i see this ip i have never seen before...

turns out its our old friends america online - wtf???!!!

America Online, Inc. (NETBLK-AOL-MTC)

10600 Infantry Ridge Road

Manassas, VA 20109


Netname: AOL-MTC

Netblock: -


America Online, Inc. (AOL-NOC-ARIN) domains@AOL.NET


Domain System inverse mapping provided by:



Record last updated on 16-Dec-1999.

Database last updated on 27-Nov-2001 19:55:19 EDT.

ok and if that aint weird enough try this for size

endor.ilrt.bris.ac.uk - bristol university???

with a bit of poking on the websit it turns out endor means nothing, yet ilrt stands for The Institute for Learning and Research Technology .

Now all those who though M$ are spying on us - are right. i have two connections to them.


ok so its messenger. but hey- come on- i am disconected from the service. are you telling me that even when your disconected you are still connected???

and then, my pc is listening for microsoft on udp and tcp protocols.



any one wit any ideas - i would appreciate them greatly...

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