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We currently have an old analogue 28" Sony Triniton Widescreen TV with a matching VCR and a (recent) Philips DVD Recorder. I'm planning to move to digital/freeview and want to get a 26" or 32" Sony U3000 Bravia TV and a Playstation 3.

Additionally, I would also like to have a DVD or HDD recorder so I can record one programme when another programme is on at the same time. I've been doing a lot of research, but now my head is starting to hurt from too much confusing and conflicting information. :wacko:

Quite simply, I want a DVD and/or HDD Recorder that will allow me to record one channel and watch another at the same time, the same way my VCR or DVD Recorder can do now on analogue.

I've looked at the Humax PVR-9200T, which looks good although I've never heard of Humax before which concerns me a little. It does have good reviews though. Would it just connect via the scart to the TV? I plan to have the PS3 on HDMI, so any advice how these two could connect and co-exist would be helpful. Additionally, would it take over the TVs everyday operations or sit in the background like a VCR/DVD Recorder? Part of the reason for getting a new TV instead of a freeview box was to cut down on the number of boxes, controls and various parts vying for power.

I've also looked at the Sony RDR-HXD870. Does anyone know if I can watch one channel and record another on this as it has a single tuner apparently? However two tuners doesn't stop the PVRs from recording 2 and watching 1 so I was wondering if it works the same for a single tuner. I've read some comments on Amazon that suggest you can switch to the TV to watch another channel, leaving the recorder to record.

I'm slightly tempted to skip a DVD/HDD Recorder and just buy/rent the various TV series that may collide, on DVD instead. I presume the PS3 play ordinary DVDs as well as Blu-Ray?

I've also considered putting a TV Card in one of the two computers, to record and burn programmes. However as they are both P4 2.8Ghz systems, I'm a little concerned about the performance impact. My system is usually used for gaming so that's out unless I avoid gaming while recording. My sister is nearly always doing "vexels" in Photoshop on hers and rarely plays games. With more memory (currently 512Mb as it was never built for Photoshop usage so it needs it anyway :laugh:) could it handle recording TV and running Photoshop at the same time? Or would this need a dual core processor really?

Additionally, any advice of alternatives would be appreciated. I'm just looking for any general advice, reassurance, etc that will help me come to a decision. Thanks all. :)

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