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FINIS_IT and RHDSetup test documents

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donbt09    0

Hi guys I have a HP Pavilion a6350z CTO. After installing a new version of the HD realtek audio drivers using the HP build in software to update software and after restarting when i go to Computer/ HP © drive I see a text document called RHDSetup. Its this text document safe to delete?

I also have a second question about FINIS_IT. Today I had a Nvidia Geforce 8400 driver issue so i contacted HP tech support the tech guide me to uninstall the drivers and he advise me to installed the new driver Nvidia launch this week. After installing that the tech also suggest me to reinstall the chipset driver using the Recovery Manager I did that too and the reinstallation of the chipset driver was successful. I restarted the computer and after restarting on I also see the new FINIS_IT text document on C drive. Its this text document safe to delete too?

here is what its in both test documents

1. RHDSetup text document:



[install Progress]

Confirm Realtek Driver

Check Operation System Version

Realtek HD Audio Driver Vista Directory Exist .

delete C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\InstallShield

Copy Realtek HD Audio Driver from Vista Directory

Execute RTHDCPL.exe -Q to Stop it from C:Windows

Install Realtek HD Audio Audio Driver

--> SetupAPI result LAAW_PARAMETERS.nLaunchResult = -4

Register C:\Windows\system32\RtkAPO.dll in Vista system .

2. FINIS_IT Text document:

Finis - Starting

Finis checking for AuditBoot key

Finis AuditBoot key not 1

Application recovery mode

Finis completed

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