June 2008 Desktops


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My Laptop wallpaper :)

Booyah, I have the same icons as you <3

Also, what program is it on the Desktop showing album art? Is it iTunes compatible?

Thanks :)

What kind of application is that, that shows the folder details below the name?
What are you using to show the weather on desktop?

Sam Symons Live: It's CD ART Display http://www.closetosoftware.com/?s=cdartdisplay

and yes it's compatible with iTunes.

Srsly: It's called AveDesk http://www.avedesk.org/

AnarKhy: Yahoo! Widgets http://widgets.yahoo.com/

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Nice and clean. I feel the contrast is very smooth and easy on the eyes.


could i please have the link to this wallpaper


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@ Smeltn - wish granted, just replace it in : rocketdock-> skins-> leopard side dock :)

Kaboose you are awesome as always.. THANK YOU!! :)

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