WWII bomb forces runway closure at Amsterdam airport

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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -- Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport has closed one of its five runways after a World War II bomb was unearthed during excavations nearby.

Army explosives experts say the 500-pound (226-kilogram) British bomb must remain still for 54 hours because it was moved during its discovery by workers building a road.

Bert van Denham from the local municipality says the bomb is expected to be removed on Thursday.

Schiphol spokeswoman Kathelijne Vermeulen said Tuesday that flights are being diverted to other runways at the airport and no delays are expected.


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Wish I could have seen the look on the workers face when he discovered a 500 pound bomb

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You'd think after 60+ years, Europe would run out of old bombs. :huh:

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Looks like they've found another one:

WWII bomb found in London's East End

Bomb disposal experts have been called to the site of an unexploded World War II device found in a river in London's East End.

Businesses within a 200-metre area were evacuated and part of the London Underground system disrupted after the bomb was discovered at Sugar House Lane, near Bromley-by-Bow Tube station and the 2012 Olympic site, on Monday.

Police commander Simon O'Brien said the device was the size of a man and weighed about 1,000kg.

"This is the largest World War II bomb to be discovered in the past three decades," he said.

"Royal Engineers and partner agencies have been incredibly heroic and have worked extremely hard to defuse the bomb.

"We're all working to resolve this issue with minimum disruption to Londoners as soon as possible."

The bomb had started to tick and ooze liquid at one stage, but stopped when treated by disposal experts.

A police spokesman said it was expected the bomb would be disarmed on Friday or Saturday.

Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=575660

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King Antonius
The bomb had started to tick and ooze liquid at one stage,


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