Sony KDL-40D3550

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I've stumbled across a practically new (2 weeks old) and pretty darn cheap Sony KDL-40D3550 (40" LCD). It's equiped with 1080p (Full-HD) and looks quite nice, but has a response time of 8ms and a frequency of 50hz, is is worth a buy? The current owner (according to him self) thought it was a bit oversized for his room, and sells it after just two weeks, 35% off.

I'm going to use it primarily for common tv watching and movie streams from my computer, but also as monitor for a future laptop. Until now, I had been thinking of getting a new HD-Ready 100hz 42", but is this one a better buy? Does 50hz really make a difference and does 8ms have a real impact on the image responce time?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for a quick reply!

Btw, does anyone have a suggestion on what else to buy (40-42")?

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