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Trendnet router DHCP reservation



I have a TEW 432 BRP wireless router and I would like it to assign my desktop the same ip on the DHCP server everytime. I tried the guide on portforward.com but it didn't work. Here is a link to an emulator for the firmware on the router: http://www.trendnet.com/emulators/TEW-432BRP_C1/index.html

i'd appreciate any help you could give me.

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Um where in that emulator do you feel there is a place to set a dhcp reservation??? I do not see that option anywhere.

So setup your machine as static.. From that emulator the dhcp scope is 100-199, ie it will hand out addresses from 100 to 199. So just make your machine you want to always have the same ip STATIC outside of that range, ie <100 or >199

Is this the guide your talking about on portforward?


How to set up a static IP address on a Windows XP computer

That guide has nothing to do with setting up a dhcp reservation on your router..

Since it seems your router does not support the reservation feature, then you have to set up your machine as static and to be outside your dhcp scope. Take you 30 seconds tops.

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