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(UK) - Best broadband provider?



Our business account with BT ends in August (my brother required an internet connection for working at home in emergencies, and his employers were happy to provide us with one)..but now he no longer works with them, and the contract is coming to its end.

Who are the best?

BT (even their business account) is pretty rubbish, we're getting limited to 256k connection speeds during the evenings and weekend.

We don't want Tiscali, we've been with them before, what a nightmare that was.

We don't want to go with Virgin given their recent activities.

My brother thinks Sky's all in one package is about the best around at the moment, but I don't know what they're like when it comes to the enforcement of a fair usage policy, or how reliable their service is?

Opinions please :)

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What do you mean by Virgin's recent activities?

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Stay well clear of Orange - the WORST ISP of all time!!!

I feld them in November and went with BT, and never had a bad experience with them yet.

My speed doubled and I have a rock-solid connection. Even the Home Hub is vastly superior than the Orange LiveBrick/Box!

TBH I would of chosen Sky but there 3-in-1 Package is not yet available on our exchange, but if it is when my contract with BT is up I will be moving across. Already have Sky TV, but it becomes much cheaper with BB and Talk package thrown in.

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Have you checked if the Be service is available in your area? My friend is with them and is very pleased with their service!

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1 month contract and no port blocking/throttling and plenty of bandwith if you download during offpeak hours.

Stay clear of fair use policies if you download a lot and don't want a headache. Especially seeing as most ISPs will try and tie you into a 12/18month contract.

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At the moment O2 seems to be the best provider.

One of the only provider that provides unlimited bandwidth (they don't limit speeds at peak time and they haven't complained to us for making full use of our connection) for a relatively cheap price

Really good support! We've never needed to call them since isntallation cause it's just worked, but everytime sister has from her house she's rarely had to wait, the supportstaff are located in uk and actually get things done (sister had a problem caused by bt's old configuration and o2 quickly repaired the problem)

We get much faster speeds than with BT. We've been stuck with 0.5Mb broadband for the past decade with BT and everytime we ask for an upgrade in speed we'd been told we were too far away. With O2 we now get 6Mb (they offer much faster, but even for adsl2, this is as fast as we can get at the distance we are) and it stays at that speed 24/7.

O2 are really flooding money into this making sure they give the best price and best support. So as a result I think they are currently the best provider by a long shot. Which is great at the moment.

However I'd be very wary. It looks like their business model is to lose money in this first year of service, attracting a large happy customer base. But I doubt it will last. I reckon after the 12 month contract is up, either they'll start charging more or they'll cut costs in the support sector. It's one of those things that is too good to last so if you want realy good broadband for the next year go with the new and fresh O2, but be prepared to jump ship if they decide to crap everything up after your 12 month contract is up.

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