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I am currently visiting my mother and I am trying to watch TV in my room, but I am having some minor problems with my remote. It is an RCA SystemLink 3 from 2002 with a Philips TV from the late 1990s.

When I want to use the "Last Channel" button, it will switch once, but that's it. For example, I can watch channel 64 and I try to go to channel 5, and it works. I want to go back to channel 64 from channel 5, and it requires me to manually type in the channel number.

I want to go to channel 33, but I am required to type in channel 34 and hit channel down, because apparently I can't type in the same number twice.

I try to turn on the TV, so I hit the "on/off" button, but it doesn't work, and the power button on the front of the TV is broken, so I have to press "Volume Up" on the TV to make it work.

I know that these aren't severe problems, but I want to know if there is a workaround for this.

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Sounds like possibly you need to goto the website and get the updated code list-

I work in a motel and there are 10 codes listed for the model of TV we have.

Out of the 10 listed codes- 3 of them operate the TV basic functions ,but only one of them operates it fully.

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