Russian Player Carded for Tackling a Fan

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Radoslav Kovac is the midfielder for Spartak Moscow, a club you may know from countless impressive internet soccer hooligan riot videos. ("Remember: If the fans aren't ganging up twenty to one on a defenseless man, it's not real Spartak hooliganism!") He also has very little tolerance for people invading the field of play, as some poor shirtless fan did in a recent match. Kovac responded just as a midfielder would: by delicately slide-tackling the man. The soccer referee responded just as half of all soccer referees do: reacting to the slightest physical contact with a hasty, ill-considered yellow card given for no reason at all. The unique thing, of course, is that Kovac got the card despite tripping someone who wasn't even in the game. (in SportingNews)


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