Workout and excerise routine videos.

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Anyone know of a good workout and daily exercise routine videos for free online?

I've been working out for the past 2 months, but I'm starting to think I'm doing it all wrong. I just have dumbbells at home and I don't have extra money to spend on a gym (I am a student).

I just need some videos where they show you what you have to daily say 15-20 minutes so you can stay fit and have a good body figure.


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I know your looking for free videos, but a program called P90X is a fantastic workout. If your willing to buy it for, I think it's around $100, it will be much better than sinking countless dollars into a gym. I haven't completed the whole program, but I can tell you with what I have done, you will get results.

Still, theres another way to get this for free, but it's by means I will not mention on this forum

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