[Boxing] Sulaiman urges honesty!

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AIBA related. Getting closer to the Olympics, closer to corruption. [sarcasm] In China? No way. [/sarcasm]

WBC President Jose Sulaiman has urged Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu, the new President of AIBA (International Amateur Boxing Association), to get rid of corrupt officials. "I am suggesting to President Wu that he take a very important step in the history of amateur boxing," stated Sulaiman, "which is to warn the ring officials that will work in the coming Olympic Games in Beijing, China, to devote themselves absolutely to the principles of honesty, impartialitiy, competency, and loyalty to the AIBA institution, and that those who do not should be eliminated from the Olympic Games and never be appointed officially by the AIBA again. I believe strongly in Dr. Wu's honesty and intregrity, and am confident that he will work very hard to erase the apparent corruption that has existed in the past with some of AIBA's ring officials and hurt many innocent boxers and nations who have deserved to win medals with their actions in the ring only to see them given to others because of the judges."

from Fightnews.com

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