Only mono sound on speakers

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Here's my setup hopefully picture is okay:

Klipsch Pro-Media 2.1 Speakers --> stereo female to female 3.5 mm adapter --> Startech 4-1 audio switch ----> 1) XM Radio 2) Back to Computer 3) DVD player

I was going to use the DVD player instead of my computer to read CDs since itll free up my computer. And I was hoping not to have to turn it on to listen to music.

Now, I'm listening to XM right now and I'm only getting mono sound. I would have though with this setup I'd get stereo sound. The Klipsh don't have any other output but the 3.5 mm stereo jack.

I'd much rather have a stereo/TV right now (for DVD player). I just moved and a bit cash strapped. I sold my stereo before I moved. This is temporary as I will buy one in coming months. Any suggestions. I'm considering finding a way to hook up the XM Radio to my computer instead. There's some jacks on the side of the XM Radio. There's two jacks on the side of the right speaker but not convenient to use.

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