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I'm sure that most of us have flown at least once, and some at least once a month. So, I wanted to see

what people have done to try and combat boredom or frustration while waiting in, I mean the airport.

Anyone ever leave the airport, give an extended layover like 2+ hours? How about showered or cleaned up?

Just wondering. I'm going to be heading up north via Atlanta (oh boy) and then Boston.

Here is a few things I've tried in the past:

People watch - Snobs, trash, families, confused foreigners; they all have their own quirks

Stand and read - rather than buy a mag, I stand there and read the articles (i.e. Car & Driver)

Ipod/Iphone/etc - seems like quite a few travelers prefer this, probably to block out the noise

Shop - I have only ever bought coffee, nothing else

Internet - Laptops, psp's, iphones are everywhere it seems like

Note: Might as well rename Atlanta to Delta Field or something like that. Anyone know any

info on the runway in the second picture, way off to the far left? New?



Source: Airliners (To avoid any issues)

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