Samsung: Blu-Ray gone by 2012

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Once again you provide a personal experience as evidence of a worldwide issue.

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And please stop talking about HD DVD.. your bitterness is unfounded. You can't blame HD DVD forever because Blu-Ray is not successful as you had hoped.

Why the heck not? I'm not blaming it at all. I'm just enjoying all the hypocrisy in this thread, especially from someone who proclaimed HD-DVD as the second coming or something. You were ALL over the internet during the format war flaming Blu-ray and talking up HD-DVD. Yet neither format is very different from a technology standpoint

Absolutely not true. I have witnessed people coming to my Blockbuster store complaining that the Blu-ray movies they rented won't work on them that turned out because they had a standalone that didn't fully support features on the disc so the disc locked out.
Nobody is spreading FUD.. you are the one with ZERO support for what you are saying.

Wait wait wait, So I have no support, yet something you witnessed in a store is 100% fact? I see.

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Brian M.

Thread Closed

This has gone way too far.

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