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Hello all, I've been using my current HTPC setup for about 18 months now and it works well, but I'm getting ready to do some upgrading and am looking for some help with a DVD app.

So, here is my current setup:


P4 2.4Ghz


120GB OS/Software HDD

Nvidia GeForce 6200 for TV Out

Nvidia DualTV Tuner Card

Creative Audigy 4

Lite-on DVD-RAM


BeyondTV 4.7

CyberLink PowerDVD 6 (came with the DVD drive)


So, I'm running this to a 36" JVC television (not an LCD or plasma), so the resolution of my desktop is limited for the sake of being able to actually read and use it. I've also got everything running through my Samsung 7.1 receiver for video switching as well.

I've been pretty happy with it so far, but I don't think my current software setup is allowing me to get the best sound out on DVDs. I get sound from all speakers, but I think it's emulated 5.1 and not real 5.1 surround.

Is there something I can add to PDVD 6 that will get me this? I've tried PDVD 8 and hated it. It's bloated, won't fit on my screen because it's default window size is gargantuan, and my Snapstream Firefly remote doesn't control it (it works in PDVD 6). Plus, I have the same issue with the sound (as near as I can tell).

I've been thinking of trying WinDVD, but is there any other program I should consider as well?


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Have you tried Windows Media Player Classic?

edit: typo.

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