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[DOMAIN] Need help with Godaddy



Hi Guys

Fantastic site and glad to be here.

I have a problem that is driving me crazy......Hopefully someone can help?

I have a domain name which I access via godaddy and I am having trouble with, an old admin had access and locked me out and made changes. I managed to get access again by providing security to godaddy but now I can not point my domain to another addy?? It still points to this guys server and during a call with him he said he is hosting it and has turned it off?? I do not know how to get it back or what settings to tweak...I am at a loss

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance


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Well since you have control of the domain at the registrar, just point it to the nameservers of where you now hosting the site.

Get with the who your hosting the files with on what nameservers to point the domain too.

But sure if your domain points to your old hosts nameservers there is nothing you can do about him hosting it or not hosting..

Do you have a copy of your site, that you can upload to a new host? If not, your prob going to have to create the site from scratch again - unless the old host will give you access to your files.

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Sounds like you have lost the site to the old admin, so like what has been said already point the domain to some new hosting (there are lots of places cheap out there!).

As for the old files, if it was pure html, try looking at archive sites like we.archive.org - they may of copied your site, so just re-copy the pages from there to your PC and then reupload to your new hosting.

If it was a lot of PHP / forums / databases then I am afraid you are up the river without a paddle as they say.

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