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Please take time and read this thread before you post any thread in this forum.

This forum was created with an objective to provide Neowin Forum users with a place to post and look for HOWTO's and FAQs.

Do NOT ask questions here. Please post all your question on *nix difficulties in Unix/Linux Distros forum.

When you post a thread, please keep the title direct and clear. It would much easier for future reference if everyone kept their thread titles clear.

Please contact myself or Keldyn if you would like further assistance.


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I want to add that when writing your FAQ's and HOW-TO's, please be mindful of their formatting. We want them to be clear and understandable by all our readers. The aim is to provide instructions for our members on achieving complex tasks within the Linux OS. So, use a spell checker if you must but take that little extra time to get it right. While myself and Configure will go through each submission to check their suitability we are not responsible for sloppy formatting. If we find your submissions to be unsuitable, they may be removed.



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Also, as a reminder, the forums will automatically 'hide' threads older than 30 days.

To see all of the FAQs, HOWTOs and other goodies here, please change the "Show Topics" at the bottom of the page to "Show All" in the "From: 30 days" drop-down, then click the "Go" button.

Also, let me restate my thanks to those members who contribute to this section, and particularly the ones who have created a topic to share with the other Neowin users. Your efforts are appreciated. (Y)

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