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[Help] Setting up a WAN VPN using RealVNC



is it possible to set up RealVNC on my laptop (which is at home) so that I could access from work?

could someone help me set it up? i tried following the instruction on the RealVNC website but it only shows how to set it up within a LAN..

P.S. - my laptop uses windows XP while at work it's Fedora Core 6. Also at home my internet connection is a 512kbps ADSL connection and i'm using a DLink 2640T wireless router

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Well unless your worried about security, which is always a good thing. You do not need a vpn. Just forward the port you have vnc listening on to your laptops ip on your router. I do believe the default port vnc listens on its 5900

your routers manual would go over how to setup a port forward, your could check out www.portforward.com


Yes I would suggest you use a secured method to access your home network.. Something like hamachi would be very easy to setup, or teamviewer as well.

But neither support linux other than maybe using wine.

The problem with the builtin vpn with windows PPTP, is most routers do not support GRE inbound through the nat router. So you if your set on using a vpn. You will most likely need another option, unless your router supports inbound protocol 47?

Since your linux side might be a bit difficult to setup with hamachi or teamviewer, a simple ssh server running on your home box would allow you to securing tunnel your vnc or remote desktop traffic. And you would only have to forward one port on your router to access your ssh server.

But again, a vpn is not really required -- just the port vnc is listening on needs to be forwarded at your router. But I would agree a secured VPN or ssh tunnel would be more secure.

Another no brainer way to access your home network with a vpn would be http://www.3sp.com/en/enterprise-edition/

You can get a 2 user license for FREE.. Simple follow the bouncing ball type SSL VPN any retarded monkey could setup in like 3 minutes. Just 1 simple port forward needed on your router.

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