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Help using two internet connections on 1 router etc?


ThaCrip    679

NOTE: both routers i have are running DD-WRT (pretty recent test versions)

here is a picture of what im basically trying to do... i "think" i explained it as easy as possible.

so as you can see in picture im basically trying to use my "Router #1" to access BOTH internet's (the WAN and Wireless from... PC1 = WAN & PC2 = Wireless) (the 40KB/s and 80KB/s) while still being able to share files from PC1 to PC2 like usual on the network.

i assume this is possible or aint it cause of the way you setup the routers in DD-WRT? (like AP - Client etc etc)

and also, on a site note... assuming this all works like i want it to in diagram etc... since there will be NO cables connected to the "Router #2" will i still be able to access that wirelessly from Router #1 to configure it's settings in case something acts up? , cause i dont wanna have to drag it back to a PC and physically connect it to a cat5 cable etc if possible.

either way i thank everyone for there help.


cause currently i have my main PC using Router #1 to access the DSL (40KB/s) internet like usual and PC2 to using Router #2 (in client mode) with a 25ft cat5 cable so the router is in another room barely picking up that wireless signal. Router#1 cant even detect the signal so that's why i have to use Router#2 to relay the signal back to Router#1 ... so with this current setup if i want to transfer files from each pc i have to unconnect the ethernet cable and plug in the ethernet cable from router #1 .... so even though this works.... my main reason i dont like this is cause i keep having to switch ethernet cables AND i would rather avoid having a physical connection to Router#2 if possible this way i can take the 25ft cat5 cable out of the equation.


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