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iTunes/WMP like tool for Ripping/Tagging/Management of FLAC Music


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I plan to buy a SONOS system fairly shortly. My music is currently all stored in Windows Media Lossless which the SONOS doesn't seem to support. For lossless music, I believe it only supports 3 formats: Apple Lossless, FLAC and WAV.

I really don't want to put iTunes onto my computer if I can help it but still want the ability to tag my music with ID3 type capability. I think that leaves FLAC as the only choice.

I am looking for a one stop piece of software similar to what iTunes and WMP do for the ripping and management of ALAC/WML but for FLAC. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  • Secure ripper, comparable in quality to advaced tools like EAC
    (although it has fewer options, it's much easier to use)
  • plethroa of flac tools
    (converting between track-at-once and disc-at-once file, embedding and removing cuesheets for images, ReplayGain, etc)
  • converter will let you convert to virtually any format
    (including wma if you need something to convert your files with)
  • Cd burning support using nero, if need be.

(flac BTW, uses Vorbis comments for metadata, not ID3)

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Thank you both for your suggestion (and for the correction shakey_snake).

Do both of these tools also do disk level management of the files?

i.e. renaming the files according to the metadata and organising them into a suitable folder structure.

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