[mini review] Logitech diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks

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I've had Logitech keyboards as far back as I can remember and the only thing that I've thought to be a gift and a curse of them is that after several months of daily usage the keys will begin to become shiny and the key-throw will stiffen a tad meaning the original soft touch of each key throw loses the soft touch feel becoming more harsh.

The good thing about this though is that every year it means i can change the keyboard for a newer model and see what features it adds and have a newer model for the a similar price I paid for the previous one when it was new.

Today I replaced my S510 with the diNovo for Notebooks. Since I'm using the keyboard for such lengths of time I'd rather have the key feedback remain constant throughout a longer lifetime and the diNovo Edge was a bit too expensive for me to budget at almost ?130!

This one cost ?59, double the S510 (and the update to it, the S520) but it has a keystroke feel of a laptop but with a longer throw and the keys feel more heavy duty than the S510 so should last longer. It also looks much nicer than the S520 which I was going for until I saw pictures of it and decided it doesn't look as sleek as the S510 does any more.

On to the diNovo for Notebooks then...

It's not just for notebooks of course, it comes with a USB "wedge" the same as what comes with the MX Revolution mouse (also being used) and performance seems no different to the S510 even though the receiver is under the desk behind the PC instead of on the desk.

I like the built in CAPS LOCK indicator which is an orange LED on the CAPS key itself. I also like the brushed aluminium palm rest and the whole row of keys on the SPACE bar row is raised and rounded which means it's great for gaming too.

It comes with 4x AAA Duracell batteries and Logitech say this will last 3 yrs n a set which I don't have any trouble believing since I used ot get 10-12 months out of 2xAAA on the S510.

It is 17inches long, 1inch shorter than the S510 and considerably shorter in width so is more compact too.

There are afew differences between this and normal keyboards I have noticed right away.

The "Scroll Lock" key is now missing and in place is a "Clear" key which just seems to "clear" highlighted contents and text. I also found the context menu button (next to right ALT) is replaced by the FN button - I don't have a problem with this because on this KB you hold the FN button then press one of the F keys for secondary function like load MCE/WInamp etc. I also like some of the presets on these such as WinAMP and Gmail as default.

There's an Eject button now which I have not use for so will customise this along with the others when UberOptions is updated with support for this keyboard.

I'm using this on Vista64 along with a MX Revolution mouse and have noticed no interference due t them both running FastRF 2.4GHz or the receivers being close together behind the PC.


S510 vs diNovo:


Brushed Alu palmrest:


Glossy bezel:


Power switch and LED:




I'd give it 9 out of 10 if this was a proper review, missing the 1 point for Logitech STILL not allowing people to customise the buttons (latest Setpoint v4.7) out of the box and instead having to use 3rd party hack uBerOptions to do this.

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Nice, I've been looking around for a new keyboard.

And I like the battery life on this one. A long time ago I had a wireless keyboard that only lasted like 2 weeks for battery.

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