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I finally joined all of you and got an HDTV

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magik    25
Cablevision with the SA 4250HD box. After using my girl's Time Warner SA box, I hate my box. It's slow and generally makes it a pain to find something to watch. If it's going to annoy me, the least it could do is, I don't know, respond to my remote lol.

Yea, Cablevisions' boxes are pure crap. I've used TimeWarner and Verizon FiOS boxes and they're both very speedy and generally a pleasure to use. Cablevisions' (Optimum TV) feels very antiquated, sluggish and it's not very eye-pleasing.

I really hope they move to some newer boxes and fix the interface a bit. ;)

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bangbang023    31

I've used a FiOS box. Their guide is beyond annoying. I've never seen a guide as hard to navigate with any speed as the one on those boxes. Their UI team needs to go back and start over.

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