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D. S.

Hello. This is going to be a bit of a long story so please, bear with me.

I recently started using my brother's beefier desktop PC so my laptop is just laying around in the office.

The laptop is basically a re branded Compal CL56 with a Mobility Radeon 9700.

I went to an electronics store today and saw a S-Video (4-pin) to RGB cable and figured I'd give the S-Video Out port some use.

So I got home and it took some tinkering because it wouldn't connect using the front panel on the TV.

The TV, being over 5 years old doesn't have an S-Video port. I had a RGB to SCART converter so I used that and now it works fine.

That's the base story. Now the questions :blush:

1. The video quality is a bit dodgy. When I'm using it as a clone (the TV is the same as my monitor) I can't up the resolution over 1024x768. Is this because of resolution limitations on the CRT TV or am I doing something wrong?

2. The sound is clear (no interference) but sounds "distant" like it has an echo to it. Is is inherent to the RGB -> SCART conversion or there are some settings I can change to improve it?

3. The TV was previously hooked to my cable provider's powerbox. Is there a way for me to have both the powerbox and the s-video connection using some kind of switcher? I'm asking because they both need to use the SCART port available on the TV.

Thanks in advance.

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