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AT&T Uverse and Steam Browser Problem

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I used to have Timewarner Cable, and on steam I would get plenty of servers showing up from pings 20-100 ( about 300 servers would appear ). Then I switched to at&t uverse, which is a much faster upload and download by like 5x. The first night, all the pings where the same as my cable connection, was finding the same amount if not more. Then the next day and since then, I'm lucky if I find more than 30 servers now with a ping under 150. Whats odd though, if i open steam to show servers with pings over 500, I will get around 2000 servers, and when I look into the actual server info, the ping of the server will only be around 40-140, but the browser is showing it around 400+.

I have opened up the ports needed for steam and it didnt fix anything, along with even testing myself as DMZ, which didnt help it at all. So I can only guess that somehow the server browser is flooding my connection too fast and making it misread what the servers actual pings are. I read somewhere that setting my TCP and UDP timeouts to lower settings can help. The uverse 2wire gateway only allows to set the timeouts in minutes, so i have my TCP at 10 min timeout and my UDP at 7 min timeout. It seemed to help it a little, but only by about 10 more servers showing up at 100 ping or below, when there should be a good 300 more really lol.

So anyone know what I may be missing on this? Its the new DSL which is really fast. Ive been able to download files at around a little over 1mb a sec and can upload around 180kb a sec on utorrent. I believe the last speedtest said 9800mbps down and 1500mbps up. or whichever bps they use, its early right now.

In the actual games, my ping is perfect, no choke or spikes, and usually idles around 50 on any server I join. Its just in the browser, they are all coming up as around 500 ping, and im only seeing around 10-30 50ish ping servers.

NAT is 1500 as well.

no windows firewall.

Only connection through the 2wire atnt gateway.

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