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RealONE Player, Musicnet Unveiled

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+E.worm Jimmy    9,967

If you actually need to view real media content that I suggest you download this new player from

(free player link)

it is indeed better then realplayer.

but make sure you go through all the options carefully and also follow following tip to avoid spyware.


Review of RealOne Player Beta by Gott on December 4th, 2001 10:06 PM ***


1. Kill all real processes in the taskmanager (eventsvc, rndial etc.) 2. Got to program filesCommon FilesRealUpdate_OB

[could be program filesShared FolderRealUpdate_OB

3. Simply delete or rename this folder (for example "Update_OB.disabled")

[if this is not possible there are still running real processes in the background, kill them!]

4. Select "Yes" on warning message that some programms will not longer run (that?s what we want!)

You will loose the following "features": Message Center (RealOne ADD delivery service), Autoupdate, constant phone home.

You will gain a nice looking and rather comfortable app for playing RealMedia and Real streaming content that uses less resources and does far less phonehome!

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