On HDTVs, should Dynamic Contrast be turned off?

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$200 is a fair whack to spend on calibration.

With some good man hours, calibration DVDs or even just a wide collection of calibrated settings off the internet for your TV, you'll do a decent job.

In fact - How To Calibrate Your New HDTV (and Not Lose Your Mind): http://gizmodo.com/5098917/how-to-calibrat...-lose-your-mind

That link helped me find out that the THX tool is located on the free to download Bourne Conspiracy demo on PSN and XBLA. I downloaded the demo and used the tool and, I have to say, while it's not exact by far, it is definitely an improvement.

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I should have listened to you people. I finally decided to turn the dynamic contrast off and force myself to get used to it. So far, it seems to make the picture look better and more natural. It just takes time to get used to. In fact, I changed the entire calibration settings. I changed it from Standard to Movie mode and it looks much better. It's much easier on the eyes because all enhancements are turned off and the picture isn't as bright.

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Try searching like AVforums for settings people use. I personally found http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/Samsung-LE40A656/Settings.htm for my TV. According to them "these settings yielded images closest to D65 and Rec.709 or PAL standards for our set". In other words, these settings yield the correct balance compared to the standards most movie and TV producing companies calibrate their equipment towards. Perhaps you can search for similar settings for your TV?

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