Guide: How To Get A P2P Working Under Linux

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This Guide Is Related To Installing LimeWire on a Linux Distribution...

Any Line Preceeded with #> Indicates that the following text is to be typed into a terminal as the root user (through means of logging in as root or the su command)

These instructions are for Linux RedHat 9 running on an intel compatible processor - although they may work on other distributions

Many things in this Guide may have various copyrights attatched to them such as Java, LimeWire, etc...

I will assume no responsibility for anything you wish to blame on me or this Guide

With that said, here we go....


First you need to install java, so go Here and choose the first download link to the right of "Linux RPM in self-extracting file"

You will be presented with a User License Agreement, read through it and accept it

Click on the Bold Blue Link that says something along the lines of "Download j2re-1_4_1_02-linux-i586-rpm.bin"

Save the file to a directory, this guide will presume that downloads are saved to /usr/downloads/ (so where ever i mention /usr/downloads/ replace it with your download directory!)

Now browse to LimeWire's Other Downloads Page and click the link that says "Linux"

Save this download to your downloads directory

Wait until your download of j2re-1_4_1_02-linux-i586-rpm.bin has finished then begin a new terminal session...

#> cd /usr/downloads/

#> ./j2re-1_4_1_02-linux-i586-rpm.bin

scroll through the user license agreement with the space bar (1 press = 1 screen down)

and accept it by typing yes into the terminal

it will exract a .rpm file named "j2re-1_4_1_02-fcs-linux-i586.rpm"

#> rpm -ivh j2re-1_4_1_02-fcs-linux-i586.rpm

now we need to make it so the bash shell is told where java is installed to (through the use of environment variables)

#> cd /etc/profile.d

#> vi

press 'i' on your keyboard (without the quotes), this enters vi's "INSERT" mode

type these 4 lines into vi


export JAVA_HOME


export PATH

now press the escape key

and type ':wq' (without the quotes), this saves and exits vi

#> cd ~

browse to your home directory

#> vi .bash_profile

now right at the end of .bash_profile press 'i' (without the quotes) and type this line:

export PATH=/usr/java/j2re1.4.1_02/bin:$PATH

press the escape key and type ':wq' (without the quotes)

now to install java for your browser, there are many guides for this so i will only be covering installation of java for mozilla and galeon (setting it up for mozilla also sets it up for galeon)

#> ln -s /usr/java/j2re1.4.1_02/plugin/i386/ns610/ /usr/lib/mozilla-1.2.1/plugins

NOTE: on the above line presumes that /usr/lib/mozilla-1.2.1/ is the main mozilla directory (if it isn't the default then change it)

congratulations, you have now set up java!


it is VERY important that you logout now so that your changes can take effect

you should be logged out, now, either login as your normal non-root account and gain root privlages in a terminal by typing

#> su

and then your root password

OR login as root


Now, here comes the easier part - setting up limewire

again i will assume you have superuser (root) privlages

NOTE: you should have LimeWireLinux.tgz in your downloads folder (mine is /usr/downloads, replace this path with your downloads directory)

#> cd /usr/downloads

make your limewire directory

#> mkdir /usr/local/limewire

copy LimeWireLinux.tgz to your limewire directory

#> cp LimeWireLinux.tgz /usr/local/limewire

#> cd /usr/local/limewire

extract LimeWireLinux.tgz

#> tar -zxvf LimeWireLinux.tgz

remove it

#> rm LimeWireLinux.tgz

now, if you execute you should be presented with the limewire Boot Up screen

#> chmod +x

#> ./

now, assuming that limewire works, we want to make it so you can run limewire from anywhere, so...

#> cd /usr/bin

#> vi runlime

press 'i'

type these 3 following lines:


cd /usr/local/limewire


now press escape and type ':wq"

make runlime executable

#> chmod +x runlime

copy it to the /bin folder (u dont need to, but i have a habit of doing so)

#> cp runlime /bin

now, no matter where you are, you should be able to run limewire

NOTE: if you find any problems with this guide, please personal message me at and i will do my best to fix it!

NOTE: Some people are having problems with installing Suns Java for their browser, this may be because it is built from source from a later mozilla build, you will need to use Blackdown java instead

Happy P2Ping

This Guide Written By Daem0hn -

Edited by Daem0hn
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very detailed, I will definately point people looking for help on this to this thread. I know it was a struggle to get this accomplished my first time.

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  • 2 weeks later...

My directions are different than those.

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do yours work?

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if you are having problems using this tutorial, i will give you help and/or change the tutorial to incorperate and discuss problems you are facing

edit: lol i just tried to update the guide to discuss problems with suns java for later mozilla builds, but i got the "sorry your post is to long, please reduce it" :p

Edited by Daem0hn
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  • 2 weeks later...

i just updated the guide and fixed a problem with the mozilla plugin section

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  • 1 month later...

wow, this is like the 5th time ive come back to get help from this file, im glad i wrote it, maybe it only helps me, but hey, go me :p

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  • 3 months later...

If you are installing java for a later version of mozilla (ie you have updated it recently) you will need to download blackdown java and install that. instructions for installing are similar to those i have written some folder names may have to be changed however

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do yours work?

Yes. In Slackware, Java is automatically included, so no problems there. In Mandrake, the instructions are slightly different and I had no problems.

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Limewire's isntallation instructions tell ya all you need to know....except of course the java bit...

but still I guess for real newbs this would be very handy. from them I thank you for the guide

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i couldnt get it to work when i tried installing it on MDK 9.1 that must be just me tho...ill try again soon.

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