XRAID for both windows and apple storage. is it possible?


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We got a dilemma in the school I currently work in and was hoping for some help.

We currently have 2 networks in our school, a Windows and MAC network. We have 50 Macs which are on their own Open Directory Network and this is connected to an Xserve and XRAID running 10.4.11. The Mac clients are Intel and run 10.4.8.

It's become difficult to manage 2 networks and initially when it was setup we tried to integrate the macs on the Active directory network so pupils would have one login but the storage area for Macs would point to the XRAID storage and not windows storage. We never managed to get this working but would like to revisit this if it can possible to do what I propose.

I would like all pupils to have one home folder and in this home folder I would like them to see both their windows and Mac files. All storage would be held on the XRAID rather than a windows file server/Nas Box and was wondering if this is possible?

Is it possible if a windows client logs in and wants access to a shared or home directory, can this be situated on a XRaid and also if a mac user logs in to a mac with an AD account, can they also see the same storage with a mix of windows files in their home directory?

I know they are issues with resource forks and possible corruption by mixing the two file systems but has this been address in 10.5 leopard?

If this solution cannot work, is there an alternative way that this could be done? we have have a SNAP server which has a huge amount of storage and can talk via afp, smb, nfs, ftp etc.

Many thanks

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